Discover What's New: A Tour of Toile de Lina's Enhanced Web shop and Product Lineup

Discover What's New: A Tour of Toile de Lina's Enhanced Web shop and Product Lineup

Reimagined: New & Improved Shop

I'm pleased to announce the launch of the new and reimagined Toile de Lina shop, featuring extended global reach and an enhanced product selection. This is the result of extensive research and discussions with various print service providers to get as close as possible to the dream vision of the shop. After hours of uploads, the shop is now full with options!

Increased Global Availability

The new print partner has printing locations in several locations in the world. They also have extended experience of international shipping. Currently some of the ecological apparel is only shipped from Europe, this does however not impact your shipping costs. The only impact could be customs import fee. In rare cases the opposite will be true, an order to Europe could be fulfilled in the USA, and potentially import taxes could occur. This set-up allows for a wider product selection. If you have any questions, please fill in the contact form.

Extended Product Selection

It's exciting to share with you that the Toile de Lina shop has extended its offert to pillow cases, throw blankets, all-over print tote bags, and drawstring bags. Additionally, fun sticker sheets are available to brighten everyday items. More new products will be introduced shortly; stay tuned to the blog, Instagram, or Facebook for the latest updates.

Free Shipping for the EU, the UK, and the USA

One of the core reasons for switching to an international print provider was to increase accessibility for UK and USA customers. Additionally, shipping is now included for you, just as it is for European orders. You're welcome! Other regions may be included for free shipping in the future.


The ecological apparel offered includes Stanley/Stella and Gildan, as before. The pillowcases, all-over print tote bags, and drawstring bags are made with OEKO-TEX 100 standard certified fabric and printed with Oeko-Tex™ certified ink.

What’s Next?

More products, both with print and patterns, will be added! With the refreshed website, there will be more time for creating new designs (yeayh!)

Please share your thoughts on the update and what you hope comes next in the comment field below or via the contact form.

 Thank you so much for reading to the end! 

Silver Hearts Lina 

Thank you




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