Sweater Weather

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Sweater Weather

It’s sweater weather (and here are some of my cosy favourites)! 

It’s getting chilly here in the South of France with many heavy rain showers, of course we still get some sunshine coming through. In other words, it is time to get those cosy sweaters out. As I mostly work from home, I can wear sweaters all day every day and I’ve made a list of my current favourites.

·       Love Lines – retro inspired lettering with a lot of heart

The inspiration behind this design is 70s disco. Bright bold lines almost like the lit-up signs that you can find in a diner or in a bar. The intent with the playful lettering and the positive messages is to add a little joy to this world.


·       Hope – made out of stars and retro florals

This sweater has been a favourite ever since Covid 19 hit. It’s a comforting design, not only with the message but also with the retro vibe giving a nod to something familiar and warm. The detailed florals and stars give this design extra interest and flair. If you are into drawing I would very much recommend sketching vintage flowers as there is limitless variations they can be drawn in and adding small details to them is very relaxing.


·       Mexican Flaming Heart

In 2019 we went on a family trip to Mexico for a wedding celebration. This amazing journey is behind the Flaming Heart design and a few Mexican folk-art patterns which are available on Society6.com/toiledelina. Mexico is such a vibrant country and I of course fell in love with the Mexican folk-art which we saw everywhere. Our tree weeks were spent in Tulum, which served as a base for many exiting outings, as well as Cancun for the wedding party and the big meet up with friends, and the tranquile and breath-taking island Holbox. Oh, how I dream to go back!


·       Stellar – made out of stars

What else to say about this sweater design? It has a full blog text dedicated to it: The meaning of Stellar – everything you ever wanted to know and more. It’s a design full of positivity and good vibes!

·       Retro Blooms – fun 70s style florals

These florals where such a joy to make and they just pop so well on blue. The seventies trend did hit me, just as it did for many other designers. Even though you and I might or might not have been born then, retro motifs is such an ode to the familiar and safe, and reminisces of good times! The blue Retro Bloom hoodie (as well as the blue unisex t-shirt) appears to be a favourite to more people than me.


It’s a beautiful autumn season ahead of us. There are magical morning scenes with mist in the air here in Tourette-sur-Loup and I try to capture it in pictures and share it on my @toiledelina Instagram stories. Stay warm!


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